King of Fighters vs. Mortal Kombat MUGEN 1.0

Game that provides total fighting mayhem with intense graphics

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    MUGEN 1.0

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    7.3 (131)

King of Fighters vs Mortal Kombat is a fighting game created on the MUGEN engine which brings the two legendary franchises together in heated battle. Starring crowd favorites from both series, players can fight each other in a variety of modes to show just which game comes out on top. Featuring nearly 40 characters and 28 levels, players can rest assured that their beloved characters will be represented in this long-awaited crossover brawl. One especially popular feature present is Mortal Kombat's fatality system, which will delight fans.

Sporting an overlay that is familiar to fighting game fans the world over, King of Fighters vs Mortal Kombat brings characters from past versions of each series into the MUGEN system for fans everywhere. Keyboard controls are somewhat easy to use, but what helps this game shine is that USB controllers are supported, enabling fighting game veterans to play with their preferred gamepad. The usual suspects such as combos and a super meter are present, thankfully, along with a bit of customization in case a player wishes to have a different color scheme for their character. As is custom in many fighting games, several characters have to be unlocked before they can be used, keeping the single player game relevant. What makes this game different is that the player must get used to the MUGEN specifics, such as hit detection and button input timing.


  • Links two great franchises together. It is a wonder that a crossover between two titanic game series does not already exist.
  • Easily accessible internet play. Console netcode can be shaky, whereas this plays very smoothly assuming both players have good internet connections.
  • Familiar look. Screen elements from the past ensure that the learning curve to get used to MUGEN's specifics is small.
  • Gamepad support. Anyone seriously involved with playing fighting games needs access to one of these.


  • Not available for Windows 7. Unfortunately, the game's developers did not prepare for newer operating systems.
  • Characters may have changed. Both Mortal Kombat and King of Fighters have evolved over the years, and this game may not have ported characters as they existed in their original games.

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